Three men started rhyming with each other
When along came a hound to dis the sound

Where will we be said one of the men
Nowhere but in glee said another

The gates opened and within they saw the saw of remorse

This is a brief extract from one of the books of the renaissance times where Christopher Columbus sailed off into the oceans to get a better view of the lands. How surprised were the astronomers to find out that there was indeed a piece of corn to the east they could follow. Seeing the improvements they knew they had come to a point where they couldn’t understand any further. Life must continue through lots of time or they would not be able to find good shelter for us to hide in.

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, jteaver <jteaver> wrote:
> Seemingly there re thousands of notes sounds and tones we can hit to prepare for big days of festivities. There are new and exciting ways to imagine exactly how this will arise in the future but, it is clear that we must take notice if these musicians notes as they grow we more complex and rhythmic. Cavemen use to listen to music that could rival ours, but we have yet to uncover more of its properties to really tell a lot from the rudimentary ways they have. There are thousands of schools working on the issues as it has become such a large and robust industry. When will we be able to see true achievement in the face of all the new technology, which seems to stifle progress rather than renew it. Some of our species have decided that it is important to consider base notes that dominate our noses and hair (pulaka) as we cannot fully comprehend what is inside these notes that give us such thrills.
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>> With the progress of technology today. We are beginining to’ find that even simple words can be translated into large songs. It use to be that longer more intricate songs ruled the day, otherwise people couldn’t keep up with the volume of music, available. When one listens towee modern music compared to older music he finds that there are certain key elements left out. For example, the piano use to hold center stage (see Imagine). While today piano is al ways in the background of our hearing. after some time, one begins to wonder, if the only thing we will hear is the synthetic strums in a long wailing soundtrack which no one can decipher (see Bjork). A lot to think of and a lot to peruses in ones spare time.
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>>> There are times when one wonders whether the right thing to do is obvious or covert. More to consider.