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Here we go people let’s see what you got



Changing the way I think about life.  Listening to music I don’t like.  Lot of things going on at once which don’t make sense.  Making sense of things may be a waste of time but refusing to get up off my butt is sort of stupid because its just a little work, not a lot of work.  Blog writing helps clear my mind in the sense that writing will generally help me feel something different.  Who knows why people kill themselves.  Hopefully I won’t go through anything like that again.  Practice my typing so I can type faster and more professionally.

A lot going on in life.  A lot of pain to deal with.  Fake letters to write to everybody to make them think harder about where they are now and where the are going.  Anyways, more work to be done back on the road again trying to figure things out from a different angle.