I do not want Pyschology to exist. It should be removed from all schools including Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. The end. (I give you a 100 year deadline).

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To explain this post I will elaborate –

Due to the invention of the wheel, gravity made it almost impossible to predict behavior. Gravity did not dilute and therefore religion did not dilute. Crashing on a chariot being pulled by horses was almost impossible to predict and said little about the behavior of the rider. The same goes for other wheeled vehicles. I am still stuck to the ground and gravity will pull me toward the ground tomorrow as well. This was I was always able to avoid psychological analysis because they were trying to predict where my legs would carry me. Only to find out that my legs did not carry me everywhere. Sometimes wheels would take me somewhere they could not predict. There is no reason to fear a car crash because it is simply a failure of the driver or the machinery and had little to do with generation of fear.