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A lot of questions were raised and answered in the past two years:

My father was a strange man and had many interesting thoughts on life. There are a lot of ways to make one’s life difficult and I will list the ways to create strange and interesting situations.

My father’s perspective was that according to tradition there are six races and based on American history a certain amount of mixing was necessary. Inner city street trash was sort of a term used to describe the second company I worked for. Admittedly a correspondence degree wasn’t exactly the cream of the crop but here is the deal. From what I can tell even small towns with specialized and unique educations began to feel the pinch of racial mixing. A well educated woman married to a man of status in society began to feel the pull of trashy practices like shared wives (keys in a bowl) and mild drug use.

What ended up happening to the world was that religion lost its depth in that the number of combinations and unique personalities generated by religious worship began to dilute in the vast numbers of people. I imagine that after we exceed 3 billion people it almost becomes like shooting fish in a barrel (a dime a dozen). On the other hand, if you study individuals, there are unique qualities which can separate us and make our lives interesting in their own ways. The challenge being that someone becomes boring to study or be around if they are considered a copy of someone else.

My father studied psychology but from what I learned it wasn’t very helpful in the bigger picture. What I understood from religion is that by worshiping a god is that one continues to find ways to deal with problems around us despite the adverse nature of the world around us. Pollution, overpopulation, communication and industrialization can all be addressed with religious concepts. What psychology tends to do is tell us that scientifically anything is possible. The problem with studying everything under this scientific scope is that one can start to make claims about people’s relationships which may create a lot of emotional problems. Scientifically, one could say that a black male could take the virginity of a white female and produce offspring (see the melting pot of America and Barack Obama). There were problems with this concept as white males began to show interest in keeping the purity of white females, to ensure their loyalty and continue a tradition of hundreds of years. What would be described as a demonic act in Christianity would be described as a man of dark skin who was imported as a slave from Africa could theoretically have a close and pleasant marriage with a white woman. The church would show, as long as we discriminate racially, this should never happen as it would make white men very unhappy. They would say, you "can" do this, but you may find us in a highly distraught state of mind, make children with someone who has already selected a sexual partner unlike the sexual partner of her mother. This is where Mother Mary’s loyalty to God and Jesus would eventually show as symbols of loyalty. Anyone following these symbols would eventually see that as long as they maintained their loyalty they would remain somewhat happy. Their family would not break down into smaller pieces with a black, white and Hispanic child from separate father figures. This would become very confusing to the children as they had one mother figure but separate father figures which would eventually affect the intelligence or clarity of the parental figures.

Psychology could find ways to fill these gaps with mention of ethics or racial profiling, but because it was so scientific one could eventually go down a dark path of justifying racial impurities. The end question here being where do we draw the lines? Psychology won’t teach culture in the same way a business would teach culture creation. White culture would lose its distinction as black culture entered the cities. Rap and hip-hop would become popular music with young females and American males would feel a trend of disloyalty. Eventually white males would have to get attention by trying to act Black in the face of adversity. A subtle fight would be waged on the streets of urban areas as a power issue became apparent in who could attract more females.

The details of my father’s life are a little hazy and I choose not to investigate too deeply into what he believed as the correct attitude but essentially, it is my belief that he was not a very successful or happy person.

The end of this blog post will basically conclude that there is a good chance that even with an education and some ambition in a business organization, tattoos and ear rings may become common place as there is no honor in reaching the upper levels of an organization. It just doesn’t take much work or energy to figure out what is needed and the thousands of VPs start to seem kind of cookie cutter. This is where educated, American women began to find new ways to branch from their housewife culture as they had so much money they began to get lost in a suburban lifestyle. The neighbor’s would feel so close and generic that if they were not engaging in devious sexual practices, they were just another boring, monogamous urban family. Eventually, I believe a culture of monogamy will form among poor people because of the difficult of their lives. Education is not longer very difficult to find, which means that the elite lose their hold on their knowledge. This is why Richard Gant mentioned information technology as sort of a way to break society and religion because the knowledge the wealth elite once held in their university would become readily available to the masses. Wikipedia held so much knowledge that I found I was unable to to make my knowledge hard to access. Anybody could study the theories I learned independently and shame me into submission of their beliefs. The problem with psychology and thier medications ended up being that each pill had a similar affect. It may you feel satisfied temporarily but a side affect would appear with bloating and vision/brain blurring due to the artificial nature of the medication. I do not think strong chemicals will necessarily cure a mental disease after spending time around my father and his life style.choices. I do not believe that the spiritual benefits provided by a religious leader have declined just because of the chemical roots of psychology.

The matter becomes a matter of philosophical and religious discussion but intelligence and spending play a significant part in the bigger picture of human growth. After this I hope to find a way to improve on the business and economic systems in place and use them to my advantage to increase the proprietary nature of knowledge and learning. Just because you can study a theory does not mean you can use it practically. This is where I see psychology failing as an argument about the "absolute" diagnosis of the psychologist would reveal that his subjective diagnosis was not as helpful as he/she intended.

Feel free to comment on this and I believe it will become a new piece of material to dig deeper in the mental and spiritual faculties of this world and beyond.


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