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America is a large country and its fairly industrial. A social change happened after the freeing of the slaves which will eventually be reversed after white men have felt the repercussions of living off the backs of others. For some time, white girls won’t be very interested unless you are either very rich, tough, religious or a mix of the three. A mix would be the most effective but it will get worse over the next 200 – 500 years after which America will start to see a strong culture forming. At the moment there is too much money to allow for a strong culture to form and we must face the consequences and suffering we caused white women and black men with sexual escapades made famous by the likes of Thomas Jefferson. One of our most famous founding fathers has many half-black children outside of his own home with a slave woman. The insult and pain is large, and America’s reputation as a melting pot begins at its birth. After two hundred years of painful youth, black success culminates in a tragedy of OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown.

Taking a woman into your life is no small matter and ownership issues quickly evolve. The fame of the situation brings public attention to an old pain which must be uprooted to make sure the air is clear between the races. If the problem persists. America risks losing its culture altogether and not seeing a deep set of values form based on Eastern American tradition. The light and fast paced culture of states like California should not be promoted over the older more robust culture of New York, Maine and Vermont. I make my own personal plea in this blog for Americans to be careful of the direction they are going and to make sure that the pot does not melt too much or some of the positive American values formed by our better Founding Fathers will be lost and we will not be able to see the light in our own direction.


At my last job, I was working well until I was recruited out by a family member, and screwed myself by being a blabber mouth and telling my colleague that I had a new job. My family member (my cousin) then cancelled the job opening and I was left looking disloyal to the company. Now I am looking for another job and I have to blame my cousin at every interview for cancelling the job opening making him look bad. If I give my own cousin a bad name around town I am not going to be the most popular guy. But if I don’t, I will have to take shit for leaving my job for "performance issues". My cousin didn’t have the brain to send me a job description or even really apologize. He just dismissed me as some two-bit piece of shit and said that he "might" help me look for another position, quote "even for you". What the hell? My cousin is a huge asshole, and I am afraid this may come down to a legal issue because if I can’t find a job in my city because of two lay-offs, I’m going to end up broke and homeless. That’s not too much fun, but I can’t just throw shit in my cousin’s face in the off chance he ever comes around to his senses and helps me repair the situation. If I am left high and dry by my own family, I can’t survive the bullying and alpha male competition in my job… Again… WTH?!