I need to update my thoughts. I think the values that Obama’s parents instill aren’t very fulfilling ones. I don’t think that the nature of their relationship sat very well with me. Maybe this is my conservative side coming out finally at the ripe age of 27. I think Obama and his family are model citizens for the most part. I see right-wing crazy news sites like Fox News singling them out with pictures of Michelle Obama in Jean shorts coming off their plane. I am not sure exactly how to take the whole "change" but if you are very intelligent you will know that in reality there is no change.

Assuming Obama does a good job and maintains his performance through his presidency, I don’t think people will become enraged or threaten violence. I think there is a definite fear among many that an assassination would lead to unrest on a large scale. A feeling of a second civil war emerging or something of a tragic nature. Into his second term, it doesn’t seem like there is a large danger our outrage towards a black president, but I don’t hear all the conversations in private living rooms and watch all the political nut jobs on you tube.

Overall, I think it is a positive sign of progress as people become less prejudiced and threatened by the black population. America should continue to stand for family values and not become corrupted by a negative image of the president’s family. Father issues and equality issues aside, I don’t think people will regret Obama’s presidency in the long run as long as it encourages diversity in leadership and a moral backbone to the country’s people.