Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, but I want to write yet another story to hash over as I am currently exploring a totally new environment, trying something on an international stage which is completely new to me.

Imagine you arrive at a skate park where a bunch of kids are on roller blades and skate boards. You have found a cheap way to produce mopeds for mass distribution and you think that this new group of kids will enjoy the mopeds as a new way to use their skate park. You had produced a few of these mopeds in a smaller environment and the first buyers enjoyed the mopeds and challenged you to different stunts and moves that was difficult but relatively enjoyable after some of the initial quirks about stunt rules and style had been worked out.

The new skate park is a mass market, far larger than the initial market, which could be considered a test market. After showing a few of the kids your new product, they begin to enjoy the new rides as it allows for them to do more dangerous and exciting stunts. You have arrived on your moped which is slightly modified to give you more CC engine capacity. After doing a few stunts, a line on your bike disconnects and you lose the spark plug power to your engine.

One of the kids in the skate park sees you reconnecting the disconnected line and realizes that even those these mopeds are more complex and fun to use, they also break more easily as they have more moving parts. Unhappy that you have arrived as the official distributor of the mopeds, the youth gets an idea to render your moped useless by rigging your electrical system and hiding a remote in his pocket to disconnect the spark plug at will. As you continue to ride in the skate park, the kids have all been clued into the system and frequently disconnect your plug leaving you stationary in the middle of the park.

Unable to ride and enjoy your product with the new group, you feel that the whole purpose of creating the mopeds has kind of been ruined by the crew. You begin to consider new parks and riders as a majority of the riders thus far have been quite ungrateful for your gifted, new rides.