After working for some months in a large organization and having the crap kicked out of me from every angle, I would like to summarize some of my experiences. The first thing I want to mention is that the theory of school goes straight out the window first day. None of that will really help. It helps you in a learning and knowledge process but otherwise there is little it will do to get the job done.

The amount of lying and mind games that go on are overwhelming at first. Cutting through the bullshit on a daily basis makes for the most work. If one is able to do this consistently, it is possible to rise through the organization, if not in rank, at least in one’s own mind. As kind of a loner, its easy to get played and pushed around by people who are smarter, tougher and more use to a world where survival of the fittest makes the most sense.

Being able to analyze is one of the most powerful tools I have found yet as one must be constantly analyzing the environment to keep apace with the quickly changing nature of people and organizations. Making accurate judgments and feeling your way through a problem becomes the cause of a lot of stress and anxiety as missing something or leaving a loose end can quickly mean loss of group in the group I work in. This is unfortunate because instead of assisting one another, the cut-throat nature of the environment makes for an organization that thrives off watching people fall rather than watching anything get built or created. It feels like a boxing match many days where throwing a punch and parrying must be timed perfectly or you will end up dazed and confused on the floor by the people around you who are looking for any spot in your defense to pound and punish until you squeal.

I have seen healthier groups of people and I hope to see groups of people who aren’t so caught in the gritty details of the individuals around them. As an end note, this post may appear quite negative, but it stems from the nature of the organization I exist in where you pour your heart and soul into every project only to be told that you aren’t good enough to be within a hundred yards of the building. Hopefully this isn’t an ongoing theme in all organizations.


P.S If you think anyone has grown out of bathroom humor, you’re in for a surprise.