It has been a while since I’ve posted anything and I feel its time to express myself through this medium as some of my other mediums are not being effective. This is a reflective piece on some events that have transpired and how they are sinking in after a few months. It seems in my initial experiences in the workplace that the personal and emotional side are much more important the the intellectual hoops one jumps through in the University setting. Of course, the preparation in the Universities is necessary and goes without saying that these mental tools assist you but its impossible to rely on them completely as there are so many more factors once the real work begins.

This inevitably leads my mind down a path of trust/betrayal and power where situations arise as quickly as they are resolved and one’s ability react appropriately is crucial to making it through unscathed. On a weekly or daily basis, this can be quite difficult as the people and information around you are constantly changing and being updated. This is where stress and pressure can build up and break you down if you are not prepared for the rigors of the intellectual/social dynamic. Although, this sounds very abstract without any people or places named, it is still very relevant to making a good impression on those around you and maintaining forward momentum in the surrounding business.

It seems the most frustrating part of my work so far is not so much the pressure and stress of managing situations but more the feeling of losing ground in a never ending rat race where people’s technical/job skills are often dwarfed by the people skills necessary to get ahead of the rest. Judging my own ability in people skills is not easy, but I would not grade them highly and therefore see a difficult future ahead in trying to get ahead of the competition in the eternal race to the top.