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There are numerous problems when trying to communicate effectively with parents and deal with the interrelationships therein. Often one finds the interaction impeded by subtle misunderstandings in the communication and the personal exchange. It can take weeks and months of back and forth to get the basics or reach the core of the message. Its important at some point to release the notion of being attached and get on with the actions required. One may be accused of a lack of understanding but more factors can emerge when clearer signals are shown.


Days can stretch on and on and on. Especially when there are people, places and activities which you have little control over but attempt to run you into the ground with the same passion every day. After a point, there comes a time when the clashing personalities stop clashing and things come to rest. A certain sense of fear or panic can overtake your mind and body if you do not take the appropriate precautions. Do not allow oneself to be trampled by the other selves in the surrounding. Some days, if not every day can look like a struggle. It is important to remember that there is a light, there is hope and there is escape. Removing the feeling of fear is only half the mission, however. To act on the given information and continue on in the search and pursuits takes an iron will. Power is not always a negative force. It can be used to get things done, but there must be a certain flow or pattern which takes place or the natural way of the world is extinguished in pure, calculated, rational decisions.

Because the sport of American Football is so popular in its homeland, its important as a person moving in the country to be aware of the rules, teams and game systems that are organized.

To start, the NFL is the dominant organization for the sport and was started in 1920 by eleven teams. Today it exists with two main conferences, the AFC and the NFC. each containing 16 teams in 4 divisions, totaling 32.

The teams are as follows:
American Conference:
North: Baltimore Ravens (MD) Cincinnati Bengals (OH) Cleveland Browns (OH) Pittsburgh Steelers (PA)
East: Buffalo Bills (NY) Miami Dolphins (FL) New England Patriots (MA) New York Jets (NY)
South: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts (IN), Jacksonville Jaguars (FL) Tennessee Titans (TN)
West: Denver Broncos (CO) Kansas City Chiefs (MO) Oakland Raiders (CA) San Diego Chargers (CA)

National Conference:

North: Chicago Bears (IL) Detroit Lions (MI) Green Bay Packers (WI) Minnesota Vikings (MN)
East: Dallas Cowboys (TX) New York Giants (NJ) Philadelphia Eagles (PA) Washington Redskins (MD)
South:Atlanta Falcons (GA) Carolina Panthers (NC) New Orleans Saints (LA) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (FL)
West: Arizona Cardinals (AZ) St. Louis Rams (MO) San Francisco 49ers (CA) Seattle Seahawks (WA)

The regular teams play each team in their division twice, they play another division in their conference once, they play another conference’s division once and, lastly, they play one team from the remaining two divisions in their own conference which = 6 + 4 + 4 + 2 = 16 games in all. The top teams from each conference and two wild cards from each conference will play in the playoffs in a four round tournament ending in the Super Bowl.

The on field positions are as follows:
11 players from each team can be on the field from each side
Offensive: Quarter Backs; Wide Receivers; Running Backs; Offensive Linemen; Tight Ends
Defensive: Defensive Backs; Defensive Linemen; Linebackers; Corner Backs; Safeties
Special Teams: Placekickers; Punters; Long Snappers

The strategy and style of play is going to be controlled largely by the coach and team culture. Each team can vary in their style and often players will find difficulty switching between teams due to the large differences in approach. This said, each team will have a basic strategy of either doing a rushing approach or a passing approach. A blitz is often used by the defense when they are expecting a passing strategy to be used.

The basic scoring rules are as follows:
The following points can be scored under the conditions the ball is advanced in the appropriate manner. In the game split into four 15-minute quarters by trying to make 10 yards with various plays.

Touchdown: worth 6 points involves the offensive team running the ball or passing into the opponent’s end zone. They will get on opportunity after a touchdown to score an extra point through the field goal or two points through a second touch down, from 3 yards away.
Field Goal: Worth 3 points, done from a placekick, often on the fourth down when they don’t expect to score.
Safety: Worth 2 points is given to the opposing team when the offensive team makes an error where the ball ends behind their own goal line (a relatively rare occurrence).

With this introduction, one should be able to follow a game of American football with relative ease.

This post is going to take a slightly different approach to exercise, ignoring the more traditional forms of bench pressing and weight machines. Calisthenics might be the best way to describe it. Instead of using words to describe each of these stretches and exercises, I am going to use stick figures to show the movement and a time frame above.

Sledgehammer workout
Swinging a 10 pound or a 16 pound sledge hammer in the air can tone up muscles fairly quickly. There are different swing types and 10 to 15 minutes can be sufficient and not overly stressful.

This is the basics of exercise without weights and includes pull-ups, push-ups, leg-lifts, sit-ups, crunches, lunges and dips
Jump rope falls very close to this category as well

Stretches (good to hold for 30 seconds and prepare by doing aerobic warm up):
Calf muscles
Quad muscle
Hamstring stretch
Gluteal stretch

Knee strengthening exercises (good to do with 10 reps and hold):
Quad strengthening contraction
Quad leg lifts
Quad knee dips

Hamstring strengthening exercises (good to do with 10 reps and hold):
Hip abductors (Inner Thigh)
Hip abductors (Outer Thigh)
Glutes strengthening

This selection of stretches and exercises should keep you relatively fit and healthy if practiced on a regular basis. These should also be done in combination with other aerobic exercises like running, walking, swimming, rowing etc. The advantage of these exercises is that they do not require weight discs or machines.